Summer Solace Tallow

Summer Solace - Flora Iris Candle

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Elevate your surroundings with the radiant light and inviting warmth of the Flora Iris tallow candle, a symbol of the refreshing Spring Awakening. Every flicker is infused with the exquisite aroma of orris butter essential oil from Italy, derived from the esteemed Iris pallida rhizomes, exuding a delicate balance of sweet warmth and subtle woody notes.

Handcrafted with precision, Summer Solace candles meld the pure, rendered fat of California's pasture-raised cattle and the finest local beeswax, infused with a touch of iris essential oil. The result is a slow-burning, sustainable creation that promises not just illumination, but an experience that caters to the senses while respecting the earth.

Suet Tallow (fat) from certified regeneratively-raised Northern California cattle, organic California-grown marigold CO2 extract (Calendula), beeswax from local California hives, and orris butter (Iris pallida) essential oil.

 The full-sized Flora Iris is presented in a 6 oz. frosted glass jar, paired with an eco-friendly cork lid, offering around 40 hours of burn time.